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Disinfecting your living space

A Guide to Happy Germ-Free home!

Just because yo can't see the germs & bacteria doesn't mean your home is germ free. There are guaranteed several areas in your home that are crawling with germs & bacteria because they are overlooked or just not being cleaned properly or on a regular basis. You need to know is where & how find the germs, how to kill them and how to germ proof your home.

1. Bare hands, bare truth!

The most germ infested areas in your home are the areas that are touched the most; door & cupboard handles, remotes, taps, appliances, etc. we understand that germs can survive on these areas for over 48 hours. Regular cleaning of these hot spots are of up most importance. Sanitizer, pine gel, ammonia cleaner or similar disinfectant will do the job. Avoid dry wiping, the killing of the bacteria happens as the cleaning product evaporate. If the cleaning product dries too quickly use slightly more. Also leave the touching until the item is completely dry.

2. No shoes, no worries

Shoes can bring harmful bacteria & germs into the home. It is a good idea to leave shoes at the door to ensure a healthy, clean environment. At the door swap your slippers for your shoes

3. Household fabrics

Bed linens, towels, cushions, pillows, curtains & other fabric items may be homes for bacteria & germs. Although you can't wash all your fabrics everyday, it is advisable to launder your bed linens every 1 to 2 weeks. They need regular laundering with antibacterial detergents to really kill the germs hiding within the fibers. Spray your fabric items with a Sanitizer to keep germs at at bay. Invest in mattress & pillow covers to prevent dust from getting to the pillows or mattresses as much as you can.

4. let the germs sink!

Bathroom and kitchen sinks are common areas for germs & bacteria to grow & spread viruses within the household.. If it is not cleaned, germs set in almost as soon as the sink dries up. Therefore, all household sinks needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant regularly. Keep a spray can nearby to spritz sinks at least thrice a week to keep germs at bay.

5. Toys

De-clutter the kids toys. Keep the most loved toys on shelves and the rest in sealable storage boxes.

6. Clean Your Cleaning products

Disinfect your sponges by microwaving wet sponges for 2 min at high power but the best is to replace the sponge but the best is to replace the sponge every so often. Soak dish cloths in thick bleach. Wipe down & sanitize detergent bottles regularly.

7. Designated pet areas

It's difficult to say no to that cute face. Furry friends can shed & carry a lot of allergens. For your own good keep your pets preferably outdoors but most of all out of the bedrooms & away from carpeted areas. Bathing pets often can reduce the level of airborne allergens and dander.

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