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Do you ever clean your dishwasher?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

a clean dishwasher will give you cleaner dishes!

Your dishwasher is most probably the most overlooked appliance when it comes to cleaning the appliance. It self-cleans while it washes the dishes right?

Take a closer look inside our dishwasher to see the dirt grime & possible mildew build up. Your machine needs to be deep cleaned & sanitized every so often.

Here are a few steps to help you clean your dishwasher.

Step 1: Cleaning the removable bits

In the sink or a bucket of water soak the removable parts of your dishwasher. Use liquid dish soap or diluted vinegar. Soak the racks, utensil holders and others removal parts. If any of the parts are too large to fit in the sink or bucket, wipe them separately with he diluted vinegar or dish soap.

Step 2: Unclog the Spray Arm Holes if Needed

Often the holes on the rotating spray arms may be clogged which can have an impact on the performance of the appliance. Use a toothpick or a nappy pin to remove debris from the clogged holes. Use a spray bottle with water to wash away the debris. e

Step 3: Deep cleaning

Now that the interior of the machine is empty the scrubbing can begin. Make a solution of dish soap or vinegar using hot water so its easier to scrub away any hardened gunk. Choose a scrubbing sponge but use the soft side so that you don’t scratch the walls of the dishwasher. Start by wiping the ceiling, move onto the sides & back of the dishwasher, leaving the base for last. Remove any loose gunk before you clean the base. Clean and dry with a clean dry dish towel.

Step 4: The door

Apart from a few splashes, the inside of the door is not really part of the washing process & remains dirty & stained. Mildew will most likely form on and around the rubber gasket. Use a strong solution of hot water & vinegar & and old toothbrush to get into the hard to reach places. When done, wipe away the vinegar with a wet kitchen cloth. Also wipe in around the detergent dispenser & top & bottom of the dishwasher door. Finally, leave the door open for the appliance ad the rest of the components to dry.

Hot tip:

On a weekly basis, spray the interior of your machine with sanitizer & run the machine on a minimum water-usage cycle to decrease the likelihood of debris build up & to eliminate bad odors.

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