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Keep Your Grill Clean and Your Braai Mean

Braaing is great! Everyone gets together, each one does their bit and best of all, the food is awesome! South African love to gather around the braai with good friend and awesome food. The least fun is the get the braai grill cleaned up again. If you’re anything like me, you’d realise that cleaning and maintaining your braai grill comes at a small price if it means prolonging its life and giving you more great braais to come.

Here's how you keep your braai clean:

Step 1: light Up the Braai!

Yes, the first thing you need to do is put your grill back on heat. 20 minutes heat should be sufficient to burn off any left over food bits.

Step 2: Cool Off While Your braai Does the Same

Obviously you can’t start cleaning until your Braai grill is cool to touch (don’t risk braaing your fingers), so in the meantime you can kick back and relax, or start gathering the cleaning tools and solutions required for the remaining steps. Here’s what you’ll need, including some alternatives:

  • abrasive scourer/wired brush/goldilocks

  • Liquid soap. Chemical's Maxi Clean works great

  • Bucket of water (warm)

  • rubber gloves

  • Cleaning cloth

  • vinegar (if needed)

  • baking soda (if needed)

  • olive oil (optional)

Once your grill have cooled down, you have two options; either soak them in a warm, soapy solution to further decrease the scrubbing time, or get started on the cleaning stage right away.

Step 3: Make Your Braai Shiny and New Again!

Whether your grill and tray has had soaking time or not, the cleaning process is the same. Make a sudsy solution of liquid soap and warm water in a bucket. Using the scrubber or wired brush, dip it into your chosen cleaning solution and clean your grills thoroughly to remove burnt food bits and grime. for those hard to rech spots use an old toothbrush. Clean the tray the same way. Rubber gloves are recommended, it can be a pretty icky job.

If plain water and liquid soap doesn’t seem to work, try scrubbing it a pasty solution of baking soda and water or use Chemical on Tap Maxi clean. For stubborn stains, use plain vinegar on the area; it should come right off.

Step 4: Dry your braai!

Its always a good idea to dry the cleaned braai to avoid stains or even rust.

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