We just love helping others

Chemical on Tap was started out of the need to help others. Cleaning products are a necessity in most environments and could take up a big chunk of your monthly living expenses. When Chemical on Tap was born it was done with the idea to assist anyone and everyone with spending less on cleaning products so that people could either buy a bigger variety or save more for their everyday cleaning needs.

Previously we supplied products off the shelf already bottled but we soon realized that if we want to assist our client in reducing cost, we must offer the cleaning products in a different way. This is when we decided on the On Tap concept. Clients now have a choice of high quality cleaning products without the extra packing costs. It also encourages the re-cycling process as customers can now buy the product per liter and save.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Thank you to Chemical on Tap for supplying such great products at affordable rates. The staff is very friendly & helpful & your shop is conveniently located in Montague Gardens. Etienne

Kudos to the lovely team at chem-on-tap, keeping prices low & encouraging reusing plastic containers. My favorite products are your pine gel & bulk toilet paper. Angela